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Reservation Info

Guaranteed Reservations
If you reserve a specific car on a specific day, you will receive that car. We don’t play bait-and-switch games or double-book our cars. There are two exceptions to this – unforeseen mechanical breakdowns (which, as much as we try, are out of our control), and single-day weekends (see below).

Weekend Rental Information
A 2-day minimum is required for a guaranteed weekend reservation. We can take reservations for 1-day rentals (Fri – Sat or Sat – Sun) on a non-guaranteed / last-minute basis only. What that means is that we’ll gladly rent you the car of your choice for a single day on the weekend, but a 2-day rental will take priority and you may be bumped to a different car. We will; however, make our best effort to fill the “other” day with a client, in which case we will guarantee rentals for everyone.

When to Reserve
Our vehicles are typically booked at least 2 – 4 weeks in advance. While we will rent a vehicle on as little as a day’s notice, chances are the car won’t be available if you wait until the last minute. To guarantee the car on the day you want it, book sooner rather than later.

Important Information
To complete your reservation, a copy of your driver’s license, the front and back of your credit card and a copy of your insurance card if you are choosing to provide your own insurance, will be needed. If persons other than the primary renter will be operating the vehicle they must be listed as additional drivers on the rental agreement. Each additional driver listed will be subject to the same requirements as the primary renter.

A refundable Reservation Deposit, equal to one day’s rental, is due within 7 days of confirmation of the vehicle availability and dates, for reservations made within 7 days or more information on the Reservation Deposit please see the Exclusive Car Rental Policy.

A security deposit in the form of a credit card authorization or cash is due at the time of the rental. Please see the Exclusive Car Rental Rental Policy for further details and policy restrictions.

How to Make a Reservation
To book a reservation for one of our vehicles, use our easy reservation system. Click here to start.

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