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Rental Policy

Below you will find the Rental Policy of Exclusive Auto Rental (hereinafter referred to as “Exclusive Auto Rental” and or “We”). Please note that this policy is subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Exclusive Auto Rental.

Rental Agreement
All clients of Exclusive Auto Rental are required to complete a rental agreement prior to renting their selected vehicle(s). Along with the rental agreement the client must submit a copy of their driver’s license as well as the driver’s license of any other person that will be operating the vehicle. Exclusive Auto Rental then checks the drivers’ licenses to ensure that the clients driving records are clean. We reserve the right to deny renting a vehicle, to any person, for any reason, at any time.

Age Requirements
The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 25. However, for certain vehicles, and for an additional charge, Exclusive Auto Rental may rent to drivers younger than 25. However, in no case will we rent to drivers that are under 21.

Insurance Requirements
All renters are required to have and must present proof to Exclusive Auto Rental of their own personal liability and physical damage automobile insurance policies. Furthermore, the renter must confirm with their insurance carrier that the policy they have will cover the vehicle being rented. For renters who do not have personal insurance coverage, we offer insurance that may be purchased at an additional charge.

Reservation Requirements
If the reservation is made outside of 14 days, a refundable Reservation Deposit, equal to one day’s rental, is due within 7 days of confirmation of the vehicle availability and dates. If the reservation is made inside of 14 days, the refundable Reservation Deposit, equal to one day’s rental, is due within 24 hours of confirmation of the vehicle availability and dates. Please note that if the reservation is made inside of 48 hours, a refundable Reservation Deposit, equal to one day’s rental, is due by 5pm Eastern Time on the same day of making the reservation. The Reservation Deposit will be applied to the balance of the total rental which can be paid at the time of vehicle pick-up.

International Clients
Clients with a valid driver’s license and passport from their native country may rent vehicles from Exclusive Auto Rental.

Additional Drivers
If persons other than the primary renter will be operating the vehicle they must be listed as additional drivers on the rental agreement. Each additional driver listed will be subject to the same requirements as the primary renter.

Delivery / Pick-up
Whether you need to be picked up at the airport or a private residence, Exclusive Auto Rental provides free pick-up and drop-off to any location with-in a 50 mile radius of any Exclusive Auto Rental Location, for rentals of $350 or more. If you are outside of the 50-mile area or your rental is less than $350, don’t worry, we will also deliver and pick-up at an additional rate. Please call us to find out more details. For all drop-offs, please remember to allow an additional 30 minutes for the vehicle return process.

Return Times
Vehicles must be returned at the time stated on the rental agreement. We allot a 2 hours grace period in which a vehicle may be returned after the time noted. However, vehicles scheduled to be returned between 8 pm and 8am will not be given a grace period and must be returned at that specific time. Any vehicle returned after the grace period (if applicable) or late may be subject to additional rental fees.

Damage Deposit Requirements
Exclusive Auto Rental requires all of our renters to provide us with a deposit (separate from the Reservation Deposit) at the time of vehicle pick-up, which will be used to cover any minor damages to vehicle. This deposit can be given in the form of a credit card authorization/hold or cash. The cost for any damage found on the vehicle during its return inspection will be deducted from this deposit. The amount of this deposit will vary and will depend on if the renter has their own insurance policy as well the type of vehicle being rented.

Cancellation Policy
When you make a reservation with Exclusive Auto Rental you are required to give a Reservation Deposit, equal to one day’s rental of your selected vehicle. In the event you cancel less than 48 hours in advance of your rental, you agree to pay the reservation deposit to Exclusive Auto Rental as a cancellation fee. If your reservation is made within 48 hours and you cancel less than 24 hours in advance of your rental you agree to pay the reservation deposit to Exclusive Auto Rental as a cancellation fee. Furthermore, during certain special events, Exclusive Auto Rental may charge a cancellation fee equal to 100% of your rental, if your reservation is not cancelled 48 hours in advance of your rental. You will be notified in writing if this cancellation fee applies to your reservation.

Methods of Payment
We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Cash as methods of payment for rental fees and damage deposits. Exclusive Auto Rental does not accept personal or corporate checks.

Fuel Charge
All vehicles need to be returned with the same amount of gas as when you received it. If not, Exclusive Auto Rental may impose a gas surcharge of up to $7.00 per gallon. Also, when you do refuel a vehicle you need to use a Premium grade gasoline. If not, you will be charged a penalty of $500 for using a lesser grade. We check the grade of gasoline upon return of the vehicle so we will know.

While we do not offer refunds for vehicle rentals, our main goal is customer satisfaction; we will try our best to make your rental experience an unforgettable one. If for some reason you are less than satisfied, Exclusive Auto Rental may at times offer additional days rentals at no cost, if deemed appropriate by us. In the event this Rental Policy is violated, we reserve the right to immediately take possession of the vehicle. Furthermore the renter agrees to pay Exclusive Auto Rental all fees incurred as a result of the renter’s violation of this policy.

Driving Area Restrictions
Our vehicles may not be driven outside the state in which they are rented in. Should you need to drive across state lines please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Prohibited Use of Vehicles
Our vehicles may not be used: by anyone without a valid driver’s license; to surpass any legally posted speed limit; to drive recklessly and or haphazardly; by anyone not listed as an additional driver on the rental agreement; in any speed test, speed contest, race, rally, speed endurance contest, demonstration, or on or near any racetrack or road course (this is not covered by our and very likely not covered by your insurance policy); to push or tow anything; to drive off road or on any other unpaved or unfinished surface; for anything other than personal and private use; OR for any illegal purpose. In the event this Rental Policy is violated, we reserve the right to immediately take back the vehicle. Furthermore, you agree to pay Exclusive Auto Rental all fees incurred as a result of your violation of this policy.

The renter agrees that they are responsible for, and shall pay, for all parking, traffic, speeding or other tickets or violations (i.e. towing and impound fees) received while the vehicle is in their possession. If a vehicle is impounded the time the vehicle spends in the impound is counted as if the car is being used by you. Therefore, you are still required to pay the rental fees and return the vehicle on time.

Mileage Allowance
Clients are permitted to drive their rented vehicle 100 miles per rental day. All miles driven over this amount may be subject to an additional surcharge. The surcharge imposed will depend on the vehicle rented, as well as, the miles driven. Please be sure to request the surcharge for you specific vehicle at the time of rental.

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